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8 Measures to Consider When Migrating to Cloud Services

August 23, 2016

More and more IT teams across different organizations are considering cloud seriously; close to 43% agree to switch to cloud services in the next 3 to 5 years. In SolarWinds’ 2016 IT Trends Report, 92% of IT professionals agreed cloud services are important; 26% believe this to be fairly crucial. At the same time, 60% also mentioned that they will never be migrating to cloud entirely!


Oracle's PartnerNetwork Membership and Compliance

August 19, 2016

The Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) offers partner organizations various benefits and resources, including the right to use Oracle programs to develop and demonstrate their applications. When used within the restrictions of OPN, these development and demonstration licenses are free and unlimited. If used beyond the OPN limitations, however, full-use licenses are required. During its audits of customers, Oracle routinely scrutinizes use of programs deployed under OPN just as rigorously as they do for full-use production installations. Oracle knows that many customers inadvertently violate the OPN restrictions, and such violations create an opportunity for additional compliance revenue. Customers that wish to reduce compliance risk and corresponding penalties should ensure that they understand what is and is not allowed as part of their OPN membership.


Optimize Your Microsoft SPLA Costs and Independently Assess Your Risk

August 17, 2016

There’s a simple fact about Microsoft SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) that many partners overlook: Partners are contractually obligated to report monthly usage and keep records of all their monthly usage. But why is this a problem?


Windows Server 2016 Comes to SPLA – Hollywood’s Reaction to This Latest Announcement

August 15, 2016

Back in December 2015, Microsoft announced that the release of Windows Server 2016 would result in a change from processor-based licensing to a core-based model. In our December blog post “Windows Server and System Center 2016: A Change in Licensing,” we referenced the increased cost implications for servers utilizing greater than the 8:1 core-to-processor ratio.


SoftwareONE Turns a Double Play with CRN; Makes Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies

August 9, 2016

Thanks to Channel Resource News (CRN) for their recognition of SoftwareONE as a Top 100 Fastest Growing Solution Provider! This comes on the heels of our recent win with CRN for being named #14 on their Top 500 Solutions Providers.


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