SoftwareONE, Supported by IDA Ireland, Expands PyraCloud into Ireland

September 22, 2016

As organizations move to a hybrid cloud approach, IT decision makers are looking for solutions to help them manage their on-premise software assets alongside their cloud deployments. Recognizing this gap, we at SoftwareONE are further investing in our proprietary platform – PyraCloud – by expanding our Irish operations into Dublin, supported by IDA Ireland to help build the country’s thriving technology sector.


Microsoft, Veritas Updates That May Affect Enterprise Vault Deployment

September 20, 2016

Enterprise Vault is approaching its 12 version. As a leading archiving platform that helps bridge the gap between business, legal, and IT, Enterprise Vault helps organizations store, manage, and discover unstructured information while reducing backup and storage costs. However, there are two major changes coming from both Microsoft and Veritas that may affect your Enterprise Vault deployment.


How Has Enterprise Mobility Changed in the Last Few Years?

September 15, 2016

When looking at mobility, it is no longer looking at Remote Wipe and Sandboxing; it’s about protecting your company’s Intellectual Property. There are around 160 Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools of various types available today which, by 2019, will converge in a much smaller number of mature Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tools. Many vendors of today’s mobile management and security tools will vanish in the process of market consolidation, so consider current MDM purchases as a 24-month tactical decision.


Understand the Tipping Point of Oracle Support Repricing

September 13, 2016

While Oracle’s business is built on great products, their success is equally due to their innovative support policies. These policies are often disadvantageous for customers because they can eliminate flexibility and the potential to reduce support spend in the future. Although Oracle’s strategy around support is comprised of a number of policies and terms, perhaps the most powerful, and the most difficult for customers to grasp, is the support repricing policy.


Cloud Cost Control Is Cloud Cost Savings!

September 8, 2016

Déjà vu – the feeling I get when I talk to organizations about the cloud and, in particular, the cost of using the cloud. At this stage we cannot imagine IT without thinking of the cloud. New solutions, offerings, terms and trends appear daily since the cloud first became publically available. Much has been written and said about the advantages of the cloud: speed, scale, economics, opex versus capex etc., but methods for cost control itself is much more in demand as we move from cloud being a luxury item to the cloud being an essential utility in today’s day-to-day IT.


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