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SoftwareONE at AWS Summit in NYC, Booth #807

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Top 10 Takeaways from the Sirius Decisions Summit – B2B Marketing Intelligence

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How the Office 365 ProPlus Licensing Updates Affect Your Microsoft Strategy

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IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager: Insights & Best Practices into IBM’s Licensing Scenarios

SoftwareONE to Present at the 15th Annual IAITAM Conference May 2-4, 2017 – Las Vegas, NV

Oracle Cloud Will Inevitably Be the Less Risky Approach

The Safe and Easy Way to Migrate to Windows 10

“We’ve been caught, so we need to pay up” – The reality of software licensing audits

4 Critical Steps to Digitally Transforming Your Business with Hybrid Cloud

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4 Questions to Ask to Optimize Your SQL Server Investment

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Licensing Oracle Database for Disaster Recovery

Microsoft Leans on Its Partner Ecosystem for Strategic Cloud Services

Rest Assured: Pay-as-You-Go is Still Available for Microsoft Azure

10 Must Read Posts to Optimize Your Software Portfolio Going into 2017

Are you prepared for a software audit?

To Be or Not to Be in the Cloud... The Evolution of Enterprise Software Portfolio Management

The Importance of Properly Managing Your Oracle E-Business Suite Licenses

SoftwareONE Builds Amazon Relationship with PyraCloud at AWS Re:Invent

Nothing Happens in Isolation: Common Examples of Software Licensing Mistakes

Why CIO's and IT Leaders Are Democratizing Data and Turning to Self Service BI

Maximize the Value of Your Software Estate

Simple but Elegant: Accelerate Your Cloud Deployment with AzureSimple

Oracle Licensing – Know the Lingo to Avoid Confusion

SoftwareONE Fully Integrates House of Lync – A Unified Effort to Deliver the Skype for Business Unified Communications Solution 

Comprehensive Microsoft Office 365 Book Published by a SoftwareONE Technology Advisor!

Citrix to Change Its Software Maintenance Program in 2017!

False: Ransomware and Other Forms of Malware Can’t Hit You When Your Email Is Managed in the Cloud

Windows Server 2016 - The Time Is Now to Get "Core Ready"

National Cyber Security Awareness Month – Defending your organization from Cyber Attacks

Major Microsoft Azure Price Changes as of October 1st

Managing Security and Resiliency in the World of Office 365

Defending Cyber-Attacks with VMware NSX Micro-Segmentation

SoftwareONE, Supported by IDA Ireland, Expands PyraCloud into Ireland

Microsoft, Veritas Updates That May Affect Enterprise Vault Deployment

How Has Enterprise Mobility Changed in the Last Few Years?

Understand the Tipping Point of Oracle Support Repricing

Cloud Cost Control Is Cloud Cost Savings!

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software and SPLA

7 Key Takeaways from VMworld 2016

Software Asset Management - Cleaning the Windshield of Software Over Spend

Skype Meeting Broadcasts – Skype for Business’s Best Kept Secret

8 Measures to Consider When Migrating to Cloud Services

Oracle's PartnerNetwork Membership and Compliance

Optimize Your Microsoft SPLA Costs and Independently Assess Your Risk

Windows Server 2016 Comes to SPLA – Hollywood’s Reaction to This Latest Announcement

SoftwareONE Turns a Double Play with CRN; Makes Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies

PyraCloud Platform Featured in Financial IT Magazine

Microsoft Office Delve and Delve Analytics – Instilling Insight into Collaborative Projects and Tasks

Unified Endpoint Management with VMware AirWatch – Revolutionizing Enterprise Mobility

Optimize Your Software Procurement and Justify Your Cloud Investment

Skype for Business on the Mac Client – Everything You Need to Know

Too Much Freedom - How the Right to Deploy Software Is Costing You Money

Enterprise Advantage on MPSA - Microsoft's Latest Licensing Innovation

Oracle Application User Metric – Best Practices for Remaining Compliant

SoftwareONE Honored as Microsoft’s 2016 Volume Licensing Partner of the Year!

The End of Autodesk Perpetual Licenses – 4 Things You Need to Know

Migrating to Office 365? Have You Thought About Your Email Archives?

SQL Server 2016 – A Quick Overview of Licensing Updates

So You Received a Software Audit Letter – 8 Steps You Need to Take Right Now

A More Secure Web Hosting Package with Symantec’s Encryption Everywhere

SoftwareONE Named to CRN’s 2016 Solution Provider 500 List

Microsoft Azure: Your Fail-Safe for Disaster Recovery

Effective Oracle Deployment – Understand Where to Invest Your Money

Windows 10: Easing the Burden on IT and Improving the User Experience

Vmware Updates NSX Pricing and Packaging

Redesigning Your Office to Accommodate the Next Generation Workplace

Cloud Software Has the Best ROI, and Here's Why

Achieve Financial Transparency & Business Agility on Azure Investments

5 Common Office 365 Myths

Licensing Oracle by Processor or Named User Plus – Which metric is right for you?

Infographic: Six Step Cloud Migration Methodology

SoftwareONE Wins Several Centrify Partner of the Year Awards

An Honest Discussion About the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)

Avoid Business Disruption with a Skype for Business Flexible Unified Communications Platform

VMware Licensing Basics – Understanding the VPP, EPP, and ELA Agreements

Oracle Compliance – Know Your Audit Risk Profile

Intel Security from McAfee to Increase Support Prices

Is Poor Procurement Data Quality Killing Your SAM Tool Investment?

Imagine Having Greater Control and Predictability Over Your Azure Deployments

Understanding Security for the Cutting Edge, Portable Enterprise Workforce

An Effective SAM Practice is Lead from the Trenches, Not from the Sideline

eSign with Adobe Document Cloud – Accelerating the Business Cycle

Being Compliant is the best way to Fight an Oracle Audit

These Upcoming Changes WILL Affect Your SPLA Licensing Strategy

House of Lync and SoftwareONE Join Forces to Support Client Demand of Skype for Business

Is Windows Enterprise and VDA Roaming Rights Being Replaced by Windows USL?

VMware Updates Its vSphere, vSOM, vCenter Server, vRealize and vCloud Suite Product Price Catalog

4 Questions to Ask Before Buying More Oracle Software

Establish Your Software Asset Management (SAM) Techniques

Is the Office 365 E5 Suite Microsoft’s First Step to Becoming an International Telco?

Some Helpful Tips on Maintaining Oracle Compliance

Migrating Off the Enterprise Agreement (EA) – Determine the Problem before Discovering a Solution

Forecast or Improvise – What Is Your New Strategy at the End of the Enterprise Agreement (EA)?

Microsoft Changes the Enterprise Agreement Minimum – It’s Time to Take Another Look at MPSA

Microsoft Changes Their Minimum Enterprise Agreement (EA) Seat Count

Free and Innovative Text Summarization Software for Students and Faculty

Maintaining Compliance Against IBM’s Audit Strategy

Which Office 365 Support Option Is Best for You?

Aligning Your Cloud Strategy Across Your Technical, Procurement, and Licensing Teams

6 Ways to Reduce Your Renewal Costs with a Clear Technology Roadmap

Windows Server and System Center 2016: A Change in Licensing

The Challenges of Pursuing the Hybrid Cloud

VMware’s Hybrid Purchasing Program – Buying Perpetual Licenses and Subscription Services Made Easy

Happy Thanksgiving! 12 Awesome Articles to Help You Optimize Your Software Portfolio

Simplify, Monitor, and Support Your Citrix Workloads with Cloud LifeCycle Management

Common IBM Licensing Mistakes

Is the Hypervisor a Commodity?

Modern IT Demands - Digital Mobile Networking

Microsoft Cloud Support – Your One-Stop-Shop for All Your Office 365 Needs

Oracle Legacy Metrics – Understanding the Pros and Cons

Web vSphere Optimization Assessment - A Comprehensive Healthcheck for your Virtual Infrastructure

Enterprise Mobility Management – Reducing the Risk of Corporate Data Vulnerability

Anywhere Productivity – Microsoft’s Vision for Office 2016

Addressing the Need for Expertise in SAM Managed Service Providers

Oracle License Management Services – an Audit by Any Other Name…Is Still an Audit

Understanding the IBM Compliance Audit Process

SQL Server 2005 EOS – 4 Options for Migrating Your Workloads

Office 365 ProPlus 2013 End of Life! What You Need to Know about Microsoft’s Update Policy

Mitigating Compliance Risks for Service Providers via SAM Best Practices

Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 – A Monumental Change to Oracle Licensing

Office 365 E5 Plan to Replace E4 by the End of 2015

Rethinking the Next Generation of Enterprise Security Threats

Optimize Your VM Storage through a No-Charge VMware vSan Assessment

Why Streamlined Onboarding Is Essential to Customer Success

VMworld 2015 – 11 Key Takeaways

Assessing the Strategic Impact of SQL 2005 End of Support

Office 365 Education Replaces E1, E3 and E4: What You Need to Know

4 Reasons to Use a Cloud Solution Provider for Your Office 365 Tenants

Microsoft Rights Management Service - Maintaining the Integrity of Your Intellectual Property

Reduce Licensing and IT Support Costs by Transitioning to Office 365

When Volume Licensing Needs SPLA

The 3 Pillars for Optimizing Your Software Portfolio

Understanding the IBM Processor Value Unit (PVU) License Metric

Students Receive Windows 10 Education Edition at No Additional Cost!

An Answer to the Growing Complexity of Enterprise Storage

Windows 10 – Improving the Enterprise Experience by Collecting the Opinions of Large Corporations

Oracle Audit Protection – Mitigate Non-Compliance Risks by Crushing Big Rocks First

4 Steps to Better Software Asset Management

Software Portfolio Management - Deliver Your IT Vision with Greater Confidence and Clarity

Microsoft to Make Major Product and License Pricing Adjustments August 1st

3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself about Your Current State of Cyber Security

VMware AirWatch – A Leading Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

Oracle Cloud – A Brief History (and Prediction)

An Overview of the VMware Purchasing Programs

Oracle Licensing - Some Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Hosted Voice - The Future of Business Telephony

Alternative Use Scenarios for the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA)

5 Industry Trends That Increase Software Asset Management Complexity

Office 365 and the Model T: How O365 Enhances Your Business Productivity Experience

The End of Autodesk Perpetual Licensing: What Are Your Options?

SPLA – An Overview of the Service Provider License Agreement (Part 1)

Windows Server 2003 End of Support: 4 Step Process for Migrating to a Modern Solution

Six Steps to Successfully Adopting the Cloud

vCloud Air: The Ready-to-Go Cloud Solution to Streamline Your Business Needs

Microsoft Azure: A Mature and Robust Global Platform for Hybrid Clouds

11 Reasons You Should Have a One Stop Shop for All Your Software Licensing Needs

5 Common Misconceptions of Software Asset Management

Improve Your IT Experience – Microsoft Azure’s 7 Key Attributes

May Price Benefits for Microsoft Campus Agreements

4 Criteria to Consider When Searching for a Software Asset Management Tool

Skype for Business – The New Face of Microsoft Lync

The Death of the Microsoft Select Plus Agreement – Who Should You Contact for Help?

Revisiting Your Microsoft SQL Strategy

Changes to Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015 Product Line

VMware Optimization Assessment – Your First Step Toward a Healthy Data Center

VMware vSphere 6.0 – The Latest Upgrade to the Industry-Leading Virtualization Platform

How to Stay Ahead of Publisher Audits

Office 365 Service Plans – An Overview of Licensing Options

Is Your IT Infrastructure Operating at Peak Performance?

Adobe Creative Cloud: Do More, Pay Less

Autodesk Licensing Changes - What You Need to Know

VMware NSX – Optimizing Your Data Center’s Network Virtualization

Adobe Creative Suite 6 End of Life – A Promotion for Education Users

Software-Defined Data Center – Hype or Innovative?

How Microsoft Azure Drives Business Productivity

User Provisioning – Do You Have Proper Employee Lifecycle Management?

Microsoft User CAL to Increase Price an Additional 13% - How Does This Change Affect You?

Windows Server 2003 End of Support – Less than 150 Days Remaining!

Small Businesses Have Enterprise Problems – Is Office 365 a Suitable SMB Solution?

Tired of Publisher Audits? Maintain a Healthy SAM Practice!

Retirement of Microsoft Select Plus – What Are Your Options?

VMware's Solution Provider Partner of the Year

“Windows as a Service” – How Windows 10 Further Cements Microsoft’s “Mobile First, Cloud First” Vision

6 Reasons Why VMware Leads Gartner’s Magic Quadrant in Virtualization Technology

Ensuring Compliance When Licensing Virtualized Infrastructure

How the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite Mitigates Enterprise BYOD Challenges

Enterprise Mobility – Understanding the Evolution of Enterprise Mobile Device Management and Enterprise Mobility Management

Identifying and Alleviating 3 Common BYOD Adoption Challenges

Microsoft Office 365 Enhances Collaboration Security with Robust Admin Controls and Message Encryption

Manage Your Software Assets Through the SoftwareONE Software Lifecycle Portal

Simplifying Cloud – Microsoft Azure Optimizes IaaS and PaaS Cloud Models

Microsoft Installs Azure Datacenters in Australia, Delivers Office 365 and Dynamics CRM

6 Signs of an Upcoming Publisher Audit

Simplifying Cloud – Which Cloud Solution/Model Best Optimizes Your IT Workload?

7 Best Practices for Managing Your Annual Microsoft True-up

5 Common Licensing Myths that Hinder the Adoption of Creative Cloud

FREE Office 365 for Students, Faculty, and Staff!? Unpacking Microsoft’s Latest Announcement

6 Common Creative Cloud Concerns that Hinder Adoption

Microsoft’s “Office for Everyone” Announcement – What Does It Mean?

Microsoft’s Recent Partnerships to Provide Better Cloud Services

Hybrid Cloud – How VMware Is the Innovative Solution for Enterprises

Planning to Adopt BYOD? Review These 3 Preliminary Concerns First!

Surface Pro 3 for the Education Industry

“Mobile First, Cloud First” – Microsoft’s Enterprise Cloud Suite

Healthy Datacenter – Improving the Current and Future Performance of Your Datacenter

Windows Server 2003 End of Support: Your 4 Step Process for Migrating to a Modern Solution

Why Hybrid Cloud Is the Ideal Option for Enterprises

Datacenter Homeostasis – Managing the Technical Requirements of Your Datacenter

What Does End of Support for Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005 Mean for Your IT?

7 Epic Datacenter Meltdowns

Announcements from VMworld 2014 Barcelona

Simplifying Office 365 Deployments with IDaaS

In-Memory Database – Simplifying a Complex Data Management Technology

Rosetta Stone - The World's First Big Data Solution

Lightning Round – 10 Quick Windows 10 Facts

8 Key Highlights to Take Away from VMworld 2014

4 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Benefits for Healthcare Professionals

3 Cloud Scalability Essentials– Planning Your Cloud Adoption Strategy

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