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Reading Between the Lines for the Oracle Compliance Check Service Requests

August 1, 2017

An interesting trend is yet again being observed among Oracle clients. They are not receiving Oracle audit letters, but instead are being sent what can appear to be innocuous free compliance check service requests from Oracle directly through License Management Services (LMS). The Oracle LMS has the authority to serve compliance checks based on several criteria including “non-payment of Customer Support Identifier (CSI) annual support.”


“We’ve been caught, so we need to pay up” – The reality of software licensing audits

April 4, 2017

The quote from the title is direct from the City of Denver’s CIO of Denver Technology Services. who was recently discovered to be vastly non-compliant with its Oracle software licensing agreements. Denver’s contract with Oracle was roughly $1 million per year for software and services, but Oracle auditing contractors discovered the City has overused its Oracle resources by nearly $10 million. Oracle, however, agreed to settle the audit for $3 million, with a subsequent true-up  for a “new five-year contract bumping up Oracle’s compensation for 2017 to nearly $4 million, quadrupling the previous year’s compensation.”


7 Quick Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Oracle Cloud Investments

March 7, 2017

The cloud comes with many promising benefits – vendor-managed, lower operations costs, reduced licensing complexity, fewer software asset management requirements...and the list goes on. Oracle has embraced this trend with efforts to incentivize Oracle Cloud contracts into customer agreements.


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