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Cloud Challenges: Even in Hollywood

July 18, 2017

Silicon Valley is more than just where high-tech start-ups put down roots for their business address. Today, when you say Silicon Valley many people think of the HBO comedy series written by Mike Judge. If you haven’t yet found time to watch this series, minor spoiler alert.


The Final Installment of our CIO Dinner Party Series – The CFO and Line of Business Get Their Just Desserts

June 29, 2017

After our conversation with the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) regarding risk management in terms of the software portfolio it is now time to turn our attention to both the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Line of Business (LoB) units.


Part 4 of the CIO Dinner Party – Chief Compliance Officer Brings Order to Confusion

June 16, 2017

The cheese course of any dinner is usually a favorite. Everyone is more relaxed, after dinner drinks may be on the way, and the guests are open to more fluid discussions about almost any topic. In our last installment of our CIO dinner party we discussed the challenges of digital transformation and how the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) and IT Director must manage the budget and spend once an organization moves onto the trajectory of digital transformation. Today, our guest of honor is the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) to touch on the areas of risk and governance in terms of contracts, license consumption and audits.


Part 3 of the CIO Dinner Party – The IT Director Arrives, Digital Transformation is the Theme of the Main Course

June 1, 2017

The IT Director has arrived, and top of mind is digital transformation. The CIO is anxiously waiting for the IT Director, to see what is in the main course of the dinner party. After spending a good amount of time with the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), the CIO is confident that the savings realized with proactive software portfolio management can be used to drive digital transformation.


Part 2 of the CIO Dinner Party – The CPO Arrives, With a Party Platter of Ideas

May 16, 2017

The table has been set and the CIO has started to welcome his guests to the party. First to arrive is the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO). The CPO is an interesting role because it either sits at, or reports into, the C-suite, but also has day to day tactical issues that he or she must tackle. The number one issue facing all CPOs – for what seems like the end of time – is budget and spend management.


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