SoftwareONE and Microsoft: A Joint Cloud Solution Provider Relationship

September 5, 2017

Neil Lomax, SoftwareONE’s President, North America and EVP WW Sales Strategy, recently sat down with Microsoft to discuss our partnership and work together as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) in the Microsoft ecosystem. SoftwareONE has evolved as an organization over the years and has worked with Microsoft to provide a global platform, solution and services […]

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From Curiosity to Reality – “Prototype” Your Unified Communications Strategy with ProtoSkype

March 14, 2017

With nearly every modern business doing away with those archaic relics formerly known as “desk phones”, many organizations nevertheless neglect the complexity of evaluating a proper Skype for Business deployment for their Unified Communications (UC) strategy. But in order to avoid the dreadful delay in their cross-country or global calls, IT should first run a […]

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Oracle Application User Metric – Best Practices for Remaining Compliant

July 12, 2016

One of the most common, yet easily avoidable compliance issues stems from a customer’s misunderstanding of how license requirements are assessed for the Application User metric by Oracle. Below are some quick wins for gaining some clarity on how Oracle measures its licensing requirements as well as some license management best practices so you do […]

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Avoid Business Disruption with a Skype for Business Flexible Unified Communications Platform

April 15, 2016

Today’s workforce is more mobile and decentralized than ever. Companies have to deal with virtual workers in remote locations with multiple devices (and even BYOD) in both the desktop and mobile categories. Email alone isn’t enough to keep workers connected and interacting efficiently. Add to this multiple applications that don’t interact, and you have a […]

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