Office 365 Client Lockdown with EMS

June 27, 2017

When moving applications and services to the cloud there are always a lot of questions related to the security of data. Do I still own my data? Who has access to my data? Is my data being sold? Where is my data being stored? These are just a few examples of questions businesses ask themselves when considering moving their information to the cloud. Often overlooked however, is how moving to the cloud improves the accessibility and availability of company data.


How to Thrive in a Multi-Vendor, Unified Communications Environment

June 22, 2017

There’s certainly a desire for unified communications (UC) in most businesses.  In fact, Forbes identified collaboration/conferencing as one of the top three deployed cloud applications for 2016.[1]  However, moving from traditional phone, email, and chat to a unified communication solution is often a complex undertaking.  There are many different technologies involved in a true UC solution—and often those pieces (both hardware and software) are provided by different vendors.  This can lead to complications when it comes to implementing, integrating, monitoring, and managing a UC solution.  It raises the question—is it possible to thrive in a multi-vendor UC environment?  And if so—how?


SoftwareONE and TeleWare Bring Communication to the Cloud

June 20, 2017

At SoftwareONE we talk about digital transformation all the time. How important it is to stay connected to customers, to change with your evolving business environment and needs, and to remain at the forefront of technology. TeleWare, a telecommunications organization based in the UK, has embraced the concept of digital transformation to the fullest and put it into action.


Part 4 of the CIO Dinner Party – Chief Compliance Officer Brings Order to Confusion

June 16, 2017

The cheese course of any dinner is usually a favorite. Everyone is more relaxed, after dinner drinks may be on the way, and the guests are open to more fluid discussions about almost any topic. In our last installment of our CIO dinner party we discussed the challenges of digital transformation and how the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) and IT Director must manage the budget and spend once an organization moves onto the trajectory of digital transformation. Today, our guest of honor is the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) to touch on the areas of risk and governance in terms of contracts, license consumption and audits.


The Modernization of Your Software Portfolio

June 13, 2017

Recently, Mike Gersten, Global Innovation and Strategy Leader at SoftwareONE, was interviewed by BFM 89.9 – the C-suite business radio station in Malaysia. He discussed how SoftwareONE takes a modern approach to Software Portfolio Management (SPM), in particular when moving applications to the cloud. You can listen to the full podcast here, and we will highlight the main points from the conversation below.


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